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Building Products of Canada Corp. is the supplier of choice for the manufacture and marketing of recycled paperboard used in the making of various industrial papers for the roofing felt and chipboard markets. Our plant produces a wide range of 100% recycled uncoated paperboard in jumbo rolls only, including chipboard and roofing felt.

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Promoted under the SmartCore Brand of industrial products, Building Products of Canada Corp.’s portfolio of paper is manufactured at our mill located in Edmonton, Alberta. We manufacture uncoated chipboard destined to a wide array of applications including tube and core, folding cartons, specialty packaging, and converted products along with mid-grade low density paperboard for the interleaf / slip-sheet market, paperboard-based protective packaging market and separator/partition markets.

Our 2.75 low and regular density chipboard products range from 17 to 40 pt and are highly recognized by converters and OEMs throughout North America. Our roofing felt grades stand out by their superior quality and on-line performance. Products range from 19 to 50 lb jumbo rolls and are highly reputed with roofing felt saturators that commercialize their various asphalt saturated felt grades for new construction and re-roofing applications throughout North America.

Building Products of Canada Corp. stands-out by our product quality, industry leadership in after sales service, and our proven ability to consistently provide quick turnaround, and sustainable packaging solutions to our customers from coast to coast.

Examples of uses

Tubes and mandrels

Folding cartons

Specialty packaging

Tailored products

Low density cartons

Slip sheets

Carton protective packaging



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