BP Canada – SmartCore

About us

With roots going back over a century, Building Products of Canada Corp. has clearly stood the test of time, combining integrity and innovation, partnering and performance. Building Products of Canada Corp. definitely looks to the future and focuses its strategic plan on sustainability. Over the past years, the company invested considerably in modernizing its technology to remain at the state-of-art in product design and manufacturing excellence. With several plants in Canada, Building Products of Canada Corp. remains among the industry leaders for performance and optimization of its production.

Building Products of Canada Corp. is committed to providing its customers with quality, value-added products and services. To this end, we are focused on the following principles:

SmartCore is a smart choice for the industrial market

The new line of SmartCore products from Building Products of Canada Corp. is evidence of our commitment towards our customers and towards the environment. These products, manufactured under the SmartCore brand, include ecological fibre boards for the manufacture of furniture, wall partitions, marker and chalk boards, specialized applications and packaging components, as well as paper used in various manufacturing processes, in moisture control applications and in the packaging industry.

Building upon the future, Building Products of Canada Corp. makes sure that sustainable development remains a driver of its strategic plan. We are committed to abide by the new environmental regulations, upholding energy efficiency and sustainability values.

Building Products of Canada Corp. stands behind government and industry energy saving standards and programs.